DramaUnion.com is a web platform for helping you earn money.

We provide web pages with popular drama content, and give you a tracking code on those pages. What you need to do that is making as many as possible visitors to view the drama pages.

Watch a hand by hand video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSxnS9WhLs8

Pls never be hesitated to contact us, if you have any questions, pls write mail to dramahub@yahoo.com

1. Sign up

First, you need a dramaunion account, pls sign up now by clicking Register .

2. Share

Second, sign in to dramaunion, then click "Sites" on the navigation bar. In the "Sites" page, there are many entrypoint to our cooperation drama sites. Click any one of them, then pick a web page and share to your friends or on social media.

Pls note that, the url end with /[digital].html, the [digital] is your tracking code, you can see it on every page of our cooperation drama sites.

3. Cash in

Make as many as possible visitors to view the drama page you shared. We will pay you once your earnings over $10 every month. You can get the pending balance by signing in any time.